Centaurworld: A Beautiful Musical Adventure

Centaur world is exceptional, free, funny, dramatic and an emotional fun ride through the crazy imagination of Megan Nicole Dong. The sense of freedom and creativity feels real, it is a complete original in many ways despite the serious storyline.

A hardened war horse called Horse finds itself transported to a land unlike any it has ever known. This new land is inhabited by silly, singing centaurs of all shapes and sizes. With bouncy music, strange characters, and a beautiful storyline. It’s not what you would call family viewing heaven, despite its playful character the show has an underlying storyline that is pretty mature.

Horse comes from a war-torn land and is on a serious mission, sucked into a completely different world trying to find her Rider and return to the war, she has to deal and accept the new reality. The contrast between the ultra-quirky character design and silly magic of the centaurs and the serious nature of Horse’s mission adds depth to the series.

One of the key aspects of Centaurworld is the exploration of different lifestyles and ideologies. The members of Wammawick’s herd, the centaurs, are easily distractible and border on the annoying. On the other hand, Horse is focused and determined.

One of the standout features of Centaurworld is the Broadway-level vocals provided by the talented Glenn and Hilty. The songs in the series are catchy, fun, and memorable. They add an extra layer of enjoyment to the show and make it a true musical experience.

Centaurworld is beautiful, extremely creative, made by people who clearly love what they do and has a special lightness despite the subject matter. Despite some of the fairytale themes, the show is anything but cliche or predictable and despite the silliness there are some truly emotional scenes in the series.

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